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Following the success of Little Rebel, and in light of the USA’s political climate, REEL WITNESS continues turning-up refugee voices of the Pacific Northwest via film. RW started filming the life of Hameed in September 2018 — a young man who left everything behind in war-torn Iraq at 15, in a solo quest for a brighter more peaceable future. Now 22 Hameed’s salvation is scholarship in Seattle bound by a big altruistic dream. From flight to refuge, RW seeks to humanize the facelessness of emigration and celebrate personal tales of resiliency. Please visit our dedicated website for our new film about Hameed, This Being Human.


May 31 | Toronto, Canada | Little Rebel plays at ReelAbilities Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. RAFF is part of a larger network of festivals dedicated to sharing the stories of people with different abilities. Excited to have LR in both of their festivals this spring.

May 19, 2019 | 11am @ Ashford, WA | This Being Human has been accepted into its first film festival - Rainier Independent Film Festival. We are excited to premiere our film here for the third year in a row, and after winning Best Short Documentary for our last films! * This Being Human WINS BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY at Rainier Independent Film Festival!

May 18, 2019 | 2pm @ NW Film Forum | This Being Human is proud to be collaborating with NW Film Forum & CAIR-WA (Council on American-Islamic Relations) to accompany feature documentary, The Feeling of Being Watched. We will be part of a panel discussion following the Saturday 2pm screening. Our film will also screen before every screening throughout the weekend of May 17-19th at NW Film Forum, screening times below;

  • Friday May 17th @ 8pm, Saturday May 18th @ 2pm, 4pm & 7pm and Sunday May 19 @ 2pm & 4:30pm

April 2 - 9, 2019 | Little Rebel has been accepted into ReelAbilities Film Festival in NYC. ReelAbilities Film Festival is the largest festival of its kind dedicated to sharing the lives, stories and artistic expression of people with different abilities. We are so proud!

March 10, 2019 | Little Rebel plays at the Beirut International Womens Film Festival in Beirut, Lebanon!

Feb 27-March 1, 2019 | Little Rebel plays at the Chicago Feminist Film Festival at Columbia College in Chicago. Our screening is at 3pm on March 1st if anyone cares to come!


Nov & Dec 2018 | We’ve been lucky enough to have two production companies assist us in getting footage from both Turkey and Iraq. We are grateful for their dedication and creativity to assist us in telling this important story. All footage from Istanbul provided by Fixer in Turkey. Feel free to reach out for any future needs you might have for beautiful footage from Turkey.

Little Rebel 2018 | Little Rebel has been officially selected for over 30 film festivals around the world! Visit our Little Rebel site.

October 2018 | Our last festival with Little Rebel! A trip to the wonderful Friday Harbor Film Festival. This warm and welcoming community was passionate about documentary film & we loved attending! Thank you FHFF!

May 2018 | For the win! Little Rebel takes home BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY at the Rainier Independent Film Festival. I was lucky enough to win Best Short Doc two years ago with Present Moment, so Im thrilled to be honored once more. Celebrating  below with Festival MC, Warren Etheredge and Festival Founder, Win Wittaker.

May 2018 |  Little Rebel wins BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY at the Port Orchard Film Festival!


March 2018 | Isatou travels to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to screen Little Rebel at the World of Women Middle East Film Fair!

February 2018 | ALL GIRLS FILM CHALLENGE.  What a thrill to be standing with all these amazing women colleagues in media who are doing incredible work from feature films to animation and beyond. We had the honor of working with high school girls from film programs all over Washington state to talk all things storytelling. A  very inspiring day! 

February 2018 | RW Director & Producer Aimie Vallat gives an interview to Directed By Women. Read the full interview HERE.

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