(RW) is a video production company started in 2009 by Aimie Vallat and Noah Dassel. Reel Witness is committed to creating a more resilient future by telling powerful stories of social change throughout our global communities. In 2015, RW debuted their first independent short documentary: PRESENT MOMENT, which went on to screen at 26 film festivals worldwide, earning five awards, selected to broadcast on the KCTS9-PBS Reel NW Series; and in the spring of 2017, the filmmakers, Noah and Aimie, received an Emmy Award nomination.

In 2017, RW launched another short documentary, Little Rebel, about Isatou Jallow, an asylee from The Gambia. Isatou's epic and surprising path from West Africa humanizes the face of asylum and immigration in the US. Viewers will discover a rare depth of courage, dreams and altruism in the heroine of 'Little Rebel' -- who inspires us to open our hearts and reminds us of the American Dream. 

In 2018, our team will be developing another story highlighting a refugee story in our Northwest community. Please meet our team below.



For the past twenty years, I have worked as a social change agent in the non-profit and documentary film sectors. I’ve always been fascinated about how the human experience shows both our uniqueness and common ground. My interest in storytelling has taken me around the world; from the townships in South Africa, to a youth theater troupe in Serbia and interviewing Holocaust survivors in Poland.

Building on my bachelors degree in Visual Anthropology from Fairhaven College and a Masters in Communication from Antioch University, I created REEL WITNESS with Noah Dassel.  Together we developed stories about sustainability, food security and our refugee community. We debuted our first documentary in 2015 with Present Moment, and Little Rebel was our first collaboration with Guido Ronge.

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I was born in Southern Germany and developed a love of travel at a very early age. I've had the opportunity to work with many great still photographers, documentary film makers, and television stations before relocating to Seattle in 1995. Since then I've worked as a camera technician, camera assistant and then made the transition to working as a DP for many commercials, documentaries, and corporate films all over the world. For more information about my other film projects, visit my site

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I am a Seattle-based filmmaker and musician with work focused on social justice, education, and healthy communities. Since 2006, I have had the good fortune to work on projects concerning local food, financial literacy for youth, international women's empowerment, social entrepreneurs, and local community health. 

I am currently working as a Nurse Practitioner and I am excited to combine my storytelling and media skills with my role as a local and global healthcare provider. 



Madeleine (Maddie) is a 17-year-old junior at Ballard High School, where she's part of the Digital Filmmaking Program. She has worked on a range of film projects, including an environmentally themed documentary that premiered at the United Nations World Environment Day event and IMAX In Focus. She especially enjoys documentaries and recently completed Oso Strong, centered around the devastating Oso Landslide here in Washington State and the personal experiences of those affected by it.  She also is interested in politics, serving as a Senate Page and participating in Model United Nations conferences. Madeleine has lived in Seattle all her life, but frequently visits her mother’s home country of South Africa. She is excited to work with the Reel Witness team and learn more about documentary filmmaking and how it can be used to affect change in our community.