Aimie and Noah recently filmed their first, independent documentary short Present Moment, which is now screening around the country at film festivals and conferences.

Present Moment is a collaborative film documenting a family negotiating the realities of a longterm, degenerative illness: Parkinson's Disease. The film is a celebration of living life well -- despite whatever health challenges one might face. Our protagonist's wisdom, honesty and courage inspires the viewer while reminding them of their own innate resiliency.


"We screened Present Moment at Tumbleweed Film Festival and it had a profound affect on our audience who voted it one of the top audience favorites of 2015. The film is a genuine story with a moving subject matter and encouraging message, a perfect fit at our film festival."  Mo Fine, Founder, Tumbleweed Film Festival.

Present Moment was moving, challenging and deeply poignant.” Ian Ebright , Filmmaker, Award-winning film, 'From the Sky'

"Beautifully shot and edited, the film’s sensitive handling of subject and theme strike that perfect balance that involves and inspires."  Drew Emery, Director, True Stories Project

"As a culture, we desperately need more images showing us what it looks like to age with grace and Present Moment offers just that." Karen Hirsch, Filmmaker